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Brithish slang term meaning bastard
Aw buggger off you corney SOD
by Killzark August 25, 2009
A phrase used to interrupt someone during their conversation while also confusing them.
Matt: So I was hanging out with my girlfriend yesterday...
Steve: Was it me?
Matt: Huh? What? No!
by Killzark May 22, 2010
A witten smack is when you take a wet kitten and smack somebody across the face with it. If you do not have a wet kitten in hand feel free to lick the back of your hand and give the person a good backhand to the face. It was invented by a coupple of bored teens that decided to have a wet kitten fight.
Girn:Oh my gwash I'm like so hot and like everyone loves me!!!
Guy:You better shut up before I witten smack you!
by Killzark March 24, 2009
It's when someone hangs from a bar like a monkey or a sloth and gets another person to lick their butthole.
Sue:Hey Mike lets do something really kinky.

Mike:How bout a barjob?

Sue:Ew I'm not licking your ass!
by Killzark May 23, 2009
Used to describe a woman whose calfs are showing leading to being described in either a possitive or negative way.Usualy said in a sarcastic tone.
Bob:Dude look at that girl,she should not be wearing short shorts.

Steve:Yah that's totally calftractive.
by Killzark April 19, 2009
When a player throws a grenade in a random direction hoping to kill someone.Usually done in Call of Duty thrown at the enemy's spawn point atempting to kill most of their players.
Mike:Ok ready for this search mach?

*Jim throws grenade and kills 3 people*

Mike:Now was that rando-nade necesary?Now I can't kill anyone!
by Killzark June 14, 2009
A chewed combination of every razzle flavor that creates one brown piece that looks like a turd from a small animal.
Mike-Hey dude you got razzles?

Joe-Yeah why?

Mike-Lets make a bunch of razzle turds and put them on that old lady's porch.
by Killzark May 11, 2009
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