said when you have nothing else to say
by cookiemonsterbebe December 18, 2010
Used as a conversation starter when the conversation is going nowhere
Joe-Hey Whats Up?

15 minutes later...
by iHandlez December 02, 2009
Smash on sight, Mostly referred to in gangs.
Smash as in beat a person up or hurt them in a physcial way.

K.O.S- Kill on sight
Dude, we have to S.O.S on him asap!
by De'von23 December 08, 2008
First used on television shows like "Friends", then quickly adopted by females and gay men to became part of the North American vocabulary.It's used to make a point, or to emphasize a statement.
You're so not going there.
I'm so not interested.
by Chiffon DeLacythongs December 12, 2003
some one special
I heart s.o.s
by \\\\ December 15, 2008
A no-no word.

Word used to show that you don't know how/ want to continue a conversation.
person 1: Haha yeah.
Person 2: So?...
by imdreamingofmonsters July 08, 2014
that word little bill used alot.
"So?" - Little Bill
by googoopoonuggets March 27, 2014

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