First used on television shows like "Friends", then quickly adopted by females and gay men to became part of the North American vocabulary.It's used to make a point, or to emphasize a statement.
You're so not going there.
I'm so not interested.
by Chiffon DeLacythongs December 12, 2003
Used as a conversation starter when the conversation is going nowhere
Joe-Hey Whats Up?

15 minutes later...
by iHandlez December 02, 2009
An amazing gaming clan based in Maine.
man I hate playing those S.O. guys they really trashed us in clan wars!

wow can you believe that %*#**in S.O. clan beat us like that?
by SO_nutcase911 January 07, 2014
Smash on sight, Mostly referred to in gangs.
Smash as in beat a person up or hurt them in a physcial way.

K.O.S- Kill on sight
Dude, we have to S.O.S on him asap!
by De'von23 December 08, 2008
Something you end a sentence with when trying to make a sentence of why your doing something. Commonly used by lazy people.
John: Why cant you go to he movies?
Tim: I dont have much money.
John: What about your job helping your neighbour with her yard?
Tim: I kinda killed all the plants so...
by HoRNNy MexiiiiCANo November 12, 2010
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