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The art of sniffing Ladies bike seats in warm/hot weather.
Best performed on a tandam with the Lady at the front whilst going uphill.
Are we going out snurding today love?
The weathermen say it's going to be cracking the flags!
by Galoot of the Grove June 09, 2004
A fusion of snow and dog waste (turd) often seen during a thaw.

*Mark Saunders Definition*
Mark: "Why's that snowball brown?"
Izzy: "Must've been a snurd"
by Izzyyy :) February 03, 2009
a snotty kid that acts like a real turd.
If that little snurd was my kid, I would kick his ass!
by maverickdallas June 25, 2010
To sneeze so hard that you shit yourself, more commonly known as a sneeze-turd. Not to be confused with a snart.
"Damn dude, its allergy season and I know I'm just gonna shnurd this year."

".... and then I snurded right there in her office!"
by InspectorSlap June 08, 2015
when someone shits in the bath and pokes it down the plughole with his big toe
coombesy is a snerd
by rob coombes October 07, 2003
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