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Skinny Niggas Runnin Shit

Song by Soulja Boy in which skinny niggas happen to run shit
Man 1- Ay man yu heard that new Rick Ross bruh??
Man 2- Nah nigga i dont listen ta that bs. SNRS, its all about that Soulja Boy
by DrewzyFF_FireFlameSpitta April 02, 2011
Stoke to Nut Ratio. How many strokes it takes one to ejaculate.
Don Juan: Hey I just beat my SNR record; I just hit 36! (Dirty Six)

Nigga: Cool Story Bro, don't tell it again!
by Lebron James 36 December 02, 2011
"shits not right"
kid: look at these mental people

other kid: dude ...snr
by doung beatle November 15, 2011
Show No Respect. Commonly Used Down Here In The White Ghetto In Too Stoned Az
Bitch We SNR
by Juggalette Nibblez September 06, 2008

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