springfarm nationalist irish bhoys

they run the show
up the s.n.i.bs yeoooooooo

o fuk run the snibs r cumin
by snib leader June 17, 2009
Top Definition
An acronym for the words, Sick Nasty Ill Ballin'

also (verb) - to SNIB
"Dude, that shot was so totally SNIB"

Guy #1: "Jeez dude, I can't believe the game they just played"
Guy #2: "Yeah, I know man. Those guys were snibbin' up and down the court"
by JP_Snibbin' May 30, 2009
A crazy word i swear my mum invented that apparently means to lock or latch a door or window from the inside.
.....utter bullshit!
Make sure you snib the door when you come home tonight
by Andy J July 26, 2005
Seemingly a verb used in the West-Coast of Scotland (the town of Paisley, for example) that refers to closing something, most often some sort of door or window. Does not seem to be in common useage with younger people, judging by past definitions on this site.
Snib that door before ye gie the cat a hoofin'.
by Venerable John May 11, 2011
a little finger like penis.
oh my god charles you have a snib!
by monkeyboykernow October 03, 2009
When the turtle head poops out, but is not fully dislodged. As your bum checks are nice and smoothe, the full poop is in tack. However, in a sudden panic, your bum cheeks squash together fastly and snib (break) the poop which in turn releases and falls south. Half still inside ya and the other half at bottom of your leg.
My inside leg is now warm. My turtlehead got snibbed and fell off.
by crackleton September 30, 2010
SNIBS - Springfarm NATIONAL Irish Boys

Youth organisation configured in the late 1990's with members of both sides of the religious devide.
All members habite in the Springfarm Estate, Antrim.

As of recent, a "wanabe" organisation using the same name have descraced the SNIB tag.
Some of these folks are from a different estate that is too upper class for a SNIB to originate.


Original SNIBS unite againt this travisty

"did ya see at SNIB flyin down the sniblock sideways in the sierra!!!!"

"out, out, the RUC, no black bastards catchn' me"

"yyyeeeeeeeeeooooooo up the SNIBS"
by original SNIB June 24, 2009
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