Stands for 'Sand Niggers' or 'Sand Nigger' - referring to the most renowned and elite surf clan in Counter-Strike. These guys are the epitamy of surf. No question. To be in SN is the equivalent of an eternal orgasm of unimaginable pleasure. SN is tagged with two brackets, and sometimes with a ~ on the end. The phrase is commonly used to express sheer awe or to dub something the most ultimate object in the universe, although this usage is an overstatement for anything because nothing is better than SN itself. If you want a spot on SN suicide is the only option because no one is good enough to join. The only way to get on SN is to be born into the clan. Two current members are Necros and ScarShark. SN has been around since before time was invented.
buttsecks: omfg SN is GOD i wurship u guyz i love SN so fucking much i would die to get a 5 minute lesson from you guys omg just seeing you in this server gives me 3 orgasms i am masturbating while watching you surf its better than sex you are the more powerful ressurection of jesus and chuck norris sn 4 life!!1 i cant express my gratitude how about i give you my paypal account? ill transfer all the money in my bank account to you too and take my wallet take my car anything to make you guys happy!1
Necros: gtfo.

ScarShark: SN ELITE!

nub: shit man did you see that i just beat gauntlet backwards!!1
nub2: stfu man don't go thinking you are on SN or something they do that shit without touching the mouse.

cocks: gg this essay is fuckin SN quality.(The teacher's head exploded upon reading due to leetness beyond comprehension)
by [SN]Necros April 02, 2006
Top Definition
Side Note.
usually accompanied by a colon(:)
Today was a very boring day. SN: I just finished my homework and heading to the movies. WOO!
by d[man]phressh October 12, 2009
"screen name"

The alias used on screen, whether the screen is the silver screen or a pc screen.
Muarice Micklewhite goes by the screen name of Michael Caine.
by Gumba Gumba March 19, 2004
Say nothing
(A and B talking on text )A:" ill give you the £5 tomoz yeah" B: "iyt sn"
by blackmanpacefc@fifa13 December 06, 2015
An acronym (stands for) for screen name.
Shaniqua: Heyy, on AOL messenger can you tell me Sam's SN?

Connor: Sorry, I don't know his screen name.
by Noam Barnhard March 29, 2008
S.N. is the acronym for "side note". It's only purpose is to pretty much have two statuses in one
I had a great time at the football game! S.N. me and bobby got back together <3
by I see an apple tree August 28, 2010
Short form of shitnigga.
In general, a derogatory term or insult that involves people of African-American descent, fecal matter, or both.
Occasionally, it can refer to taking a shit on someone's head.
Kanye: Now Taylor, Im really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!

Taylor: You bitchass motherfucking shitnigga (sn)!
Internet lingo: dat bamfsn!
by anonymous113111456 June 22, 2011
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