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to viciously beat someone, often a sexual partner, about the face with one's phallus. Generally seen as degrading. Syn. Cock-Slap
During the act of intercourse, Chris smurfed Annie to assert his male dominance.
by Bob Jamison October 03, 2003
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smurfing is advanced way of surfing the web...which means that the browsing of web to gain "wisdom" .It's an efficient way of browsing the web :).
smurfing makes me to know the latest knowledge
by anonymoussmurf November 29, 2011
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A man having a lot of sperm built up in his testes due to the lack of ejaculation.
* "Man, my girl is on her period, looks like I will be smurfing this weekend."
* "Cmon gurl, let me hit that...I'm smurfing hard."
* "I've been smurfing for days now, so get ready for this load...bitch."
* (Asain friend named Wade)- "Hey bro, whats wrong, do you want a shot to cheer up?) (Carson)- "Bro, I'm not in a bad mood cause I'm sober, I'm in a bad mood cause I'm smurfing...but yes I will take that shot.)
by Carson Getzloff November 30, 2010
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Named after the popular television/comic series, Smurfing is the act of putting your partner in some sort of choke/sleeper hold while having sex until their face turns blue. At this point, you pull out and finish off by proceeding to give your blue-faced partner a droopy white cap.

For added effect, you can let loose a cackle similar to Gargamel, the evil villain also from the popular 80's television show.
My girl passed out last night after we were smurfing, when she finally woke up I told she looked like grumpy smurf. She was not amused.
by igotblueballs September 13, 2010
22 23
asphyxiating ones breathing until their faced becomes blue in color then proceeding to have sexual relations with them.
John tried smurfing Suzy last night but she passed out.
by mother smurfer! July 15, 2010
1 2
When a girl goes down on one guy then makes out with another guy right after.
Did you hear about Chante' smurfing Justin last night?
by WeekendWarrior22 June 14, 2010
2 3
The act of writing on ones driveway in chalk(preferably blue chalk) smurf oriented things. This was invented by a group of bored teenagers one night as an alternative to TPing,Forking and Ding Dong ditching.
The first smurfing took place on March,15th,2011 in Phoenix, Arizona
Jack: "Dude smurfing jake last night was so fun, we smurfed the tits of him!"
John: "Hahhahaa ya dude we sure did, it would have been better though if his insane neighbor didnt throw a pestacide can at us!"
by The King of Smurfing August 21, 2011
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