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shoot myself in face
"It's only 11 a.m. on a Tuesday? SMIF."

"I wanted to SMIF at the bar yesterday when Squid showed up wearing a batman costume."

see roungetable DOT blogspot DOT com for other uses
by theRoungetable August 06, 2009
Some MALE I Fucked
That was just a SMIF.
by 4FunShowMe November 17, 2015
an abbreviation for the hand gun ,Smith and Wesson..
Yo!..That fool tried to yank me so I pulled out the smif' and let off!
by Denman75 July 10, 2008
Stands for 'sorry my internet failed' when instant messaging with a friend over the internet. Most commonly used after the user rejoins the conversation, having lost internet connection for a short while beforehand due to their shitty internet service provider.
"how's everything going?"
*other person is offline*
*other person comes back online*
"smif =/"
"it's cool"

or used as a verb:
- my internet smiffed
- i have a feeling i'm going to smif in a moment, my internet's been dodgy all day!
by Fix facebook chat October 17, 2010
Single Mother I Fucked
There are two types of single mothers in this world, MILFs and SMIFs
by The 'Kaos July 08, 2006
1.Are you a SMIF?
2.I've never seen a bigger SMIF than you.
by Sanain December 11, 2009
1. A firearm, usually semiautomatic. Also can be a pistol.
2. One of the rappers in the rap duo "Smif-n-Wessun", most famous for the song "Bucktown".
Person 1: Man you better be careful in that neighborhood.
Person 2: Don't worry about me, I'm good as long as I got my smif at my side.

Person 1: Rap today sucks, do you know any good rap artists?
Person 2: Yeah man, check out some stuff from smif n wessun, theyre pretty tight.
by Brrrrrrraaaat Young Buck November 08, 2006
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