Simi Lan Sai - Literally translated from hokkien it means what penis shit? It's an expletive that means roughly the same as "WTF?!?"
A: Dude! The chick you banged last night was a guy!
B: SLS?!?
by havok March 21, 2005
Short legged syndrome. A condition where the legs are disproportionately short compared to the torso. This is not dwarfism, but rather a physical trait confined to the legs. SLS is a cause of women not becoming models and men being insecure. Cases of SLS are prominant in certain geographical areas and rare in others.
It's a good thing your girlfriend wore her 4" heels. Otherwise her SLS would have stood out.
by Megatron1969 November 16, 2009
Abbreviation for "So like Sup?"

Which then means "So like what is up?"
Alex: sls pal?

Dilan: just chilling. sls with you?

Alex: Same.
by jayzzzzzz May 20, 2009
SLS is "Smiling like Shit" SLS in emoji 😁 💩 in a text received from a chick from the DMV area.

M: swear I love you girl...
H: sls.
You: You know I love it when you do that...💦
Her: Sls.
by MazaratiSlim September 26, 2014

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