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You know you go to Shawnigan Lake School when...
-You spend your afternoons running
-Watching a movie before 9pm seems strangely subversive and sneaky
-You collect old pieces of school uniform for "status", and the juniors fight over them when you graduate
-You are a prefect or head of house, and somehow this means something to you
-You feel a little uncomfortable when you see someone cutting corners in the grass
-You know something bad has happened when the Headmaster stands in the middle of the chapel stage, rather than at the podium
-You think sleeping in until 7:30 during the week is a treat, and 8:30 on Saturdays is like paradise
-You are forced to fold your clothes with your gold book, so that every shirt is folded with the exact same width and length
-You've ever been told that wearing a collared shirt and tucking it in is essential to learning
-You know what "wilberforce" is and know that it is living hell wrapped into a punishment
-You know that "prep" has two meanings: homework assignments, and the period of time between 7-9 pm in which you do your homework
Person 1: Do you go to Shawnigan Lake School?
Person 2: No, I wish. I go to Brentwood because I didn't get into Shawnigan.
by alkjwerl February 13, 2010
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Shawnigan Lake School is a prestigious Canadian boarding school located on Vancouver Island. It was founded by Englishman, C.W. Lonsdale, and modelled after England's leading private school, Westminister School.

Every student is required to participate in a sport, four times a week, for the whole year. The most popular sports are rugby, field hockey, and rowing. The school spends hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to maintain the sports equipment.

Students at Shawnigan are usually the children of billionaires, including business men, lawyers, doctors, actors, or film makers. They spend their ten-day breaks cruising in the Carribean or skiing in the Hamptons. Students work hard and part hard. Not only do they graduate to Ivy League universities, they throw amazing parties on leave weekends.

Uniform is required at Shawnigan, like it is at any other Canadian prep school. For classroom dress, girls wear polos with either a v-neck sweater, sweater-vest, or cardigan, and a grey or beige skirt (depending on the season) with white or grey knee socks (or black tights in winter). Boys wear the same on top, and they have their choice of grey trousers (winter) or khaki shorts (summer). They are required to wear plain black dress shoes. Every saturday and on formal events, students wear their "number ones", which include a dark blue blazer, white oxford, tie, and a grey kilt and knee socks for girls and grey trousers for boys.
Public school kid: Oh you go to Shawnigan Lake School? Dammnn that school is for rich spoiled kids
by oohlalala February 12, 2010
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