A Stuckup Lesbian Roleplayer.
If you are familiar with the term mangina, it is not exactly that. A mangina and an SLR are both males who play female characters in online video games, but an SLR is an extreme version.

SLR's basically pretend to be females, but that they are lesbians. An easy excuse for talking like a guy, or having cyber with other SLR's that they truly believe to be girls. These men are usually 30-40 years old, balding and not going anywhere in life. Period.
Ashent: Lawl did you see those SLR's sitting in the corner emoting at each other?
Soem_guy: The 2 fat guys pretending to be pretty lesbians? Yeah how could you miss 'em?
by Ashent May 10, 2006
Top Definition
A type of camera, usually expensive, meaning Single Lens Reflex. It usually has a pentaprism for a mirror setup, and reflects exactly what you will see in the picture to the eyepiece, unlike cheaper cameras that do not do this. cheaper cameras usally havea little hole that goes through the camera across from the eyepiece that you look though.
I have an SLR camera.
by DigitalN. January 29, 2005
Chat Abbreviation for Sorry late reply.
SLR, I was busy.
by Rendezvouz AKSL February 20, 2010
Top speed 207 mph. 0-60 in under 3.8 seconds. The SLR McLaren is a milestone automotive achievement, as much for its staggering power and performance as its Formula 1 inspired engineering and design.

"To be sure, the Greatest Car in the World has to be fast, but it should also be able to function as a car. The promise of the SLR is that it is the complete package."- Esquire Magazine

MSRP: $452,750*
Engine: AMG-built supercharged 5,439-cc 36-valve 90°V-8.
Net Power: 617 hp @ 6500 rpm
Net Torque: 575 lb-ft @ 3,250 - 5,000 rpm
The 2005 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is on HOT car.
by ilum4l June 01, 2005
Sorry Late Reply ( Sorry for late replying)

It's when someone texted or IMed u, and you weren't online.
<offline message: hey! >

I was away, SLR.
So what's up?
by ehiah21 December 22, 2009
Sorry late response.
person 1 (09:45:17): hey, what's up?
person 2 (10:23:34): SLR! Not much, you?
by ubiquitousacknowledgement December 06, 2009
FN SLR - Fabrique Nationale Self Loading Rifle. Standard issue to the british army before the introduction of the SA80.
Also known as the FN FAL in other countries.
MY SLR is playing up again!
by Panhead March 17, 2004
Sex, Love & Reggae
Earlier this week, Gyptian dropped his EP SLR which stands for “Sex, Love & Reggae”
by ReggaeLuv April 02, 2014

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