Sex, Love & Reggae
Earlier this week, Gyptian dropped his EP SLR which stands for “Sex, Love & Reggae”
by ReggaeLuv April 02, 2014
Self-Loading Rifle.

"Hear that? Quick pass me my SLR."
by Diego July 28, 2003
A Stuckup Lesbian Roleplayer.
If you are familiar with the term mangina, it is not exactly that. A mangina and an SLR are both males who play female characters in online video games, but an SLR is an extreme version.

SLR's basically pretend to be females, but that they are lesbians. An easy excuse for talking like a guy, or having cyber with other SLR's that they truly believe to be girls. These men are usually 30-40 years old, balding and not going anywhere in life. Period.
Ashent: Lawl did you see those SLR's sitting in the corner emoting at each other?
Soem_guy: The 2 fat guys pretending to be pretty lesbians? Yeah how could you miss 'em?
by Ashent May 10, 2006
Stuck-up Lesbian Roleplayer

Typically applied to males who play females in online games and try to hook it up with other females (probably played by another SLR)
That shemale is a real SLR. What a bitch, errr dick... whatever.
by Inaba November 03, 2003
abbreviation of an awesome band. also see straylight run
fuck this band rocks
by brandNEWrawks November 22, 2004
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