stands for "sweet liquid orgasm!" used in IMs
by That One Girl January 22, 2003
a Slut-bagHo. Can also be interpreted as slut-bag whore.
J: P you're such a slut-bag ho
by pabslo September 11, 2007
SLO is the term used for someone so SLOW they couldn't get to the W. See FOB.
"Hey Richelo, your mom!"
"Aw man, Richelo, you're so SLO!"
by Da Reapaa March 09, 2003
San Luis Obispo, California.
A place hereby dominated by Jimferd seeing as he lives there and committs all sorts of evil acts there.
San Luis Obispo . . . that's that place near Pismo, right?
Yea, they're pot is shit there.
by Jimferd November 25, 2003
Fucked up city with crack whores and white trash losers every where. Bitches inhabit this dump.
Fuck SLO, lets go to Pismo or Morro Bay
by Anonymous August 17, 2003

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