seedy little bitches
this club has too many slb's. Let's go.
by Young grasshopper April 11, 2008
sorry lame and bitches ...86
a he reps 1-9-8-6 hes a slb.
by adam villanueva March 31, 2009
fine, good looking, fun, great person
Man, I'd like to meet a girl as slb as yours!
by sammy ridge June 01, 2004
Function: abbreviation
Etymology: Slacker, Loser, Bed-wetter; 1) A person who shirks their duties or performs them poorly; 2) An especially inept airman in the 5th Combat Communications Group
I don’t want him in my flight; the SLB will get one of us killed!
by Lex February 01, 2005
Stupid Lil Bitch
This SLB thinks she better than me.
by DaWoody March 03, 2015

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