SJ- A Sand Job

Masturbating using sand paper, it's what lumberjacks and Chuck Norris do
Q: Do you masturbate?

A: Masturbating is for pussies, I SJ myself moddafucker...
by Lumberjack Peter March 29, 2009
sample jockey; one who uses samples of previously recorded music to create a new "song". Similar to D.J. (disc jockey) and L.J. (light jockey). An S.J. often uses only a laptop to play live.
"Damn, yo, that Girltalk is one badass S.J.! He kept the club bumpin' all night!"
by fever28 August 22, 2008
What a BJ should actually be called but much more satisfying and a full body experience.
My girl Samantha gave me the most exhilarating SJ today after class it blew my mind.
by mudrucker92 February 11, 2010
wow, the guy sounds like he likes to take rim shots
*shhhhllluck* good shit MOD (in caps cause i suck ass)
by hex_ten June 10, 2004
Abbreviation for term meaning - Super Jew. To be extremely cheap, and stingy like a jewish person with super powers.
Suka is a SJ, he won't buy beer.
by Slurpee5 October 08, 2008
Someone who is so two-faced and thinks they can get away with it. They are so naive as to think that the person they are talking about has no idea what's being said. They play on their jealousy and bitch about their friends.
They have a tendency to try to get the sympathy vote but rarely comes out on top because everybody else can see how childish and silly they're being.
SJ's never accept kind gestures gracefully - instead they will complain to their friends about said gesture behind the person's back.

Never trust an SJ - they will stab you in the back at the worst time imaginable
'Hey did you hear what SJ's being saying?'

'Hell yeah, being a complete bitch behind my back!'
by regis90210 April 25, 2009
Short For Swagger Jackin'
Yo Why Do Rappers Now Days Try SJ Off Of T-Pain With The Auto-Tune?!
by Mr. Guy Man January 21, 2009
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