Second Generation Asshole (t-head, yung quis, rod-c and more)

The first generation is ABN (asshole by nature) (trae, lil boss, jay´ton and more)
did you heared abn?
sure, and sga too
by HICEone November 30, 2009
Top Definition
Abbreviation for, Soul Glow Activatur, lead singer of crunk rock band, Family Force 5. (Soul Glow Activatur: also known as Solomon Jerome Olds)
"Hey, SGA, I loved that one thing you said in the Really Real Show!"
by WDFF5 May 01, 2010

Short for Stargate Atlantis.

After they cancelled SG-1, many people switched to SGA because Amanda Tapping would join the cast for a season.
by Jafje May 30, 2007
Same Gender Attraction, used as a shorthand for lesbian, gay, bi, and pan people to refer to their attraction to their own gender.
LGBT is a coalition between people who experience either SGA or do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.
by A Shitty Bear June 17, 2016
- Does your life revolve around the sport you play?

- Are you obsessed with your looks?

- Are you a strict conformist?

- Do you model your life after those portrayed on MTV shows?

- Are you extremely cliquey?

- Are you promiscuous?

- Are you a homophobe?

- Do you possess a superiority complex?

- Are you willfully ignorant?

- Are you a proud alcoholic?

If you've answered 'yes' to four or more of the questions above, then SGA is the place for you! Sign up now and enjoy a 90-minute free period every other day and get easy 'leadership' credit for governing and accomplishing nothing!
Typical SGA student's schedule:

Monday-Friday: attend school solely to engage in stupidity with fellow SGA buddies, attend football/baseball practice.

Saturday-Sunday: attend parties to get intoxicated and engage in promiscuous sex.
by StartsWithW December 20, 2009
Student Government Association

Refers to a student government of a college, or the body it represents.
I ran for SGA last semester, but lost by 10 votes
by MFDd April 15, 2009
used on ebay for "stadium giveaways". giveaways from sporting events.
Eric Chavez Bobblehead SGA
by Mike Wong May 18, 2005
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