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tradesmen defined anti-american as:

"To be against America or Americans."

What exactly does that mean? To be against America. In what aspect?

I live here, I was born here, I pay taxes. I don't plan to move. I like it here.

Since I live here and I like it here, would you consider me pro-American?
Tool: You anti-American liberals are commies.
Educated Person: Look up what communism means before you start going off blindly.
#anti-american #american #sentiment #democrats #republicans #sheep
by StartsWithW December 20, 2009
- Does your life revolve around the sport you play?

- Are you obsessed with your looks?

- Are you a strict conformist?

- Do you model your life after those portrayed on MTV shows?

- Are you extremely cliquey?

- Are you promiscuous?

- Are you a homophobe?

- Do you possess a superiority complex?

- Are you willfully ignorant?

- Are you a proud alcoholic?

If you've answered 'yes' to four or more of the questions above, then SGA is the place for you! Sign up now and enjoy a 90-minute free period every other day and get easy 'leadership' credit for governing and accomplishing nothing!
Typical SGA student's schedule:

Monday-Friday: attend school solely to engage in stupidity with fellow SGA buddies, attend football/baseball practice.

Saturday-Sunday: attend parties to get intoxicated and engage in promiscuous sex.
#student government assocation #clique #prep #mtv #ignorant #jock
by StartsWithW December 20, 2009
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