Abbreviation for Stupid Fucking Opinion.

Used sometimes as a reply to "stfu queer."
"I don't recall asking for your sfo"
by Cruelraspberry December 13, 2006
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Three letter airport code for San Francisco International Airport
We flew into SFO.
by sanverde September 17, 2003
Official designation for San Francisco International Airport.
Driver, take me to the United terminal at SFO, please.
by Flux September 13, 2003
San Francisco International Airport
My plane is leaving SFO at 9:00am.
by George W. September 10, 2003
So Fucking Owned     
That low intellect mouth-breather was SFO
by mongoloid August 12, 2004
San Fransico Airport
"I want a flight from SFO to Incheon Airport."
by Sheep go baa September 08, 2003
so full of shit
that muthafuka was sfos!
by greenest garden July 24, 2009
Abbreviation for Sexy Friday Outfit
Have you got your SFO on today?
by Sammyberockinit July 10, 2014

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