Sad Fat Girl. The girl amongst a group of hot girls who is fat and sad about it. Often a cock block since she will only become more sad when men hit on her friends.
Check out the group of hot chicks. Oh wait, I see an SFG in there. One of us will have to take one for the team.
by Shaneshaface February 10, 2013
Top Definition
"So fucking Goldsmiths"

Someone who attends Goldsmiths University and acts and dresses in a particularly "cool", arty or "individual" way typical of the univerisity's reputation.
You'd know someone who's SFG once you've seen them.
by roland9000 April 20, 2009
abbreviation for "so fucking good"
-"holy shit, remember that awesome thing?"
-"yeah, sfg."
by jhgbu76rt7v6fkcv May 18, 2008
Small Face Guy - A man with an unusually large head but with a proportionately small face
Oh my gosh its SFG !!!
by Golddigger December 10, 2013
acronym for 'so far gone'. Can refer to someone literally or figuratively.
-Man, you see that kid? He is wasted.
--Yeah he's SFG.

*You hear what O'Donnell did during the football game? He's SFG.
**Yeah they'll string him by his panties for that one....
by Crazybmws December 11, 2011
"So Fucking Gay."Gay as in the sense of the word "lame," not of the homosexual or gaiety variety. Used in response to someone who likes to post a lot of lame acronyms online. Synonymous with stfu.
Guy 1: Knowing the teacher watched you throw a fatty in and didnt say a word TFM
Guy 2: SFG
by fookyuu March 01, 2011
Some fucking guy/girl.
Guy A: Who was that on the phone?
Guy B: I don't know, SFG trying to sell me something.
by P-Dizzle Fo Shizzle August 29, 2007
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