Stupid fat girl. A SFG is often mindblowingly stupid and annoying.
Woah, look at that SFG.
by mollymartyr. July 17, 2006
Slack Faced Gay

a term often used on Gay messageboards to demonstrate an opinion of another user
"He's a complete SFG, don't listen to him"
by henryyoungman May 23, 2006
sfg = Stupid Fuckin' Guy!
"Heather, you're being such an SFG!"
by Ang/Alex April 06, 2008
Sexy French Guy. Used to describe a really hot French guy (as there are some very nice ones out there)
Wow, that new french guy in our department is such a SFG
by Moxbrow November 20, 2004
Sfg= Slut Face Gremlin. This is most often used on Aim for someone who looks like a Slut Face Gremlin or who is acting like one.
I dont like you because you look like a god dam sfg.
by BenjaminT May 15, 2006

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