S.F.C - Suck Face City. Usually uttered when viewing attractive women with whom you would like to penetrate.
Man - "Whoa, SFC."
Other Man - "What? You're fucking retarded."
by 0Mic April 16, 2008
Short for Super Famicom, the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo.
Dragon Quest I.II was a SFC remake of the first two FC Dragon Quest Games.
by RotJ October 16, 2005
Still Free Crew. Standard From Cash
dong gimme no bammer weed we dont smoke that shit in the SFC:.
by SFCX3 November 30, 2006
(abbr.) Sweet fucking christ!
sfc i can't think of an example!
by Disorderly August 04, 2005
Strabane Football Club was founded in 1961.
They played their first match in the Irish Football Association's Senior Cup in October 2003
I am going to watch sfc play this afternoon
by Stias August 31, 2005
Likes the cock
He loved the cock so much he almost loved it more than SFC.
by GUESS July 22, 2003

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