Acronym for: Stop Drop N Skank

A 7 piece punk ska band created in 2005 in the underground GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Ska scene. Includes two trombones, two guitarists, one trumpeteer and one base player along with a drummer. They have had at least one line up change since they were formed. They play very happy ska, simmilar to that of Streetlight manifesto. A pretty kick-ass band.

2) The practise of spontaneously bursting into skankin at the sound of ska music.
YO did you go skank @ the SDNS ska show last friday? it was fuckin kick ass skankin awesome.

by Saib0tx March 12, 2009
Send Da Nudes
"Hey baby, I'm feeling a typa way tonight,"
"Oh yeah? What can I do?"
"Just SDN babe"
by YoloBroda March 15, 2015
Shitty Dick Nigger; or a person being a niggers shitty dick
Bob: "hey blair what the fuck are you doing pooping with the door open?"
Blair: "Oats"
Bob: "Man dude you are such a SDN"
Blair: "Not true nigger, not true"
by Oatmo September 21, 2010
Stupid Dumb Nigga, a nigga that just don't know when to stop playing the fool. Usually wants to be a know-it-all or smart-ass, but is clearly missing 3/4 of his teeth. Demands quite a lot of attention and is especially loud when doing any thing in particular.
"Dude, what the fuck is up with these SDNs?! These man don't know when to stop being retarded!"
by Antonio GHG April 16, 2007
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