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2 definitions by Renegade0894

The act of rubbing cosmetic products on the hands of a prospective customer, as part of a sales pitch to convince that customer to buy the product. The practice originated from Israeli immigrants selling "sea salt" based lotions at mall Kiosks.
Person A: "Sorry I'm late.. I just got an Israeli Handjob from that girl in the food court."
Person B: "Please tell me you didn't buy those sea salts from her..."
Person A: "Hell no, I just sat there smiling while she wasted her time."
by Renegade0894 October 09, 2012
A person who believes right-handed people are superior to left-handed people and the ambidextrous.
My "Right" supremacist elementary school teacher forced me to stay inside during recess until I stopped writing with my left hand.
by Renegade0894 October 09, 2012