Shit Dammit Fuck it all to hell. Commonly used as SDF when it would not be socially acceptable to yell these aloud
"SDF they never get my order right here"
by Longshot March 03, 2008
Top Definition
a curse word which is often directed towards someone
a word which is refered to a person who has a small penis... "Small Dick Freak"
"f*uck u SDF!!!" or "That guy... ahhh hes a proper SDF!"
by sdx999 November 16, 2008
SDF stands for the Sony Defense Force, which is a group of rabid supporters of Sony who defend whatever Sony does on websites and message boards.
"Man did you see that troll? He called the Wii and 360 garbage and the PS3 as the best thing ever."

"Yeah he must be part of the SDF"
by Linkthelegend2 June 07, 2007
Super Dimension Fortress, the classification of the ship from the seminal, famous 1980s Japanese anime "Macross." In America, in the anime's "Robotech" adaptation, the acronym was changed to "Super Dimensional Fortress," and the Macross was referred to as "The SDF" frequently.
The bridge of the SDF is staffed by the captain and his team.
by Moggraider January 16, 2008
Suncoast Dirt Foot; one that has feet that looks like they have never owned a pair of shoes in their life; feet that look like they belong to swamp thing; people that live in sun coast have these feet; feet that look similar to alligator feet; Feet that have nails jagged enough to walk up walls with ease;
Damn look at that bitch, she has the worst case of SDF I have seen. She needs put some shoes on them alligator feet.
by NFM311 October 17, 2011
So D*mn Fresh!
I was on my boo's facebook pictures and he was looking SDF!
by woaahhokayimflyy August 13, 2010
Used in personal ads for Safe and Disease Free. Safe meaning practices safe sex.
Things are pretty bad and I know the only satisfaction i'll get is sex. There's no calming me down when I get this way. NSA tonight won't deal with my drama. Guess that leaves you.. haha.

Mail me with your pics and please be SDF.
by tripple530 February 01, 2014
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