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1. Acronym for "Supreme Court Republicans of the United States"; based on similar acronyms for Supreme Court of the United States SCOTUS and President of the United States POTUS.

2. Masculine form of the Latin adjective meaning "of or like a scrotum."
Antonin Scalia is a SCROTUS.
by REM November 15, 2004
The Area located at the intersection of the shaft of the penis and the top of the scrotum. also known as the New Zealand Taint
dude, your Scrotus is so smooth, do you like...wax it?
by poopus July 10, 2008
Supreme Court Representative of the United States
Bob: Hey, do you know Justice Alito?
Stew: No. Who is that?
Bob: He's a SCROTUS
Stew: Oh.
by quickdrawdoc March 27, 2013