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The Society for Creative Anachronisms. A worldwide Medieval and Renaissance re-enacting organisation based on researching and playing cultures from between 600AD and 1600AD.

See also 'Cloakfest'
1. Jane says,"I am a Baroness in the SCA."

2. To live in the SCA kingdom of the Outlands.
by Mary February 03, 2004
An Irish term for News. It's abbreviated from Scandal.
Usually used by teenagers and young adults.
1.) ''What's the sca?''
2.) ''Any sca witcha?''
by Saruwatari Ayumuko July 18, 2009
Strong Critical Atheist- someone who not only doesn't believe in God, they have to argue with everyone who does.

Moreorless as annoying as people who go on about god(s) all the time, mainly because they're so argumentative.

Often found around members of the CU (Christian Union)
CU: 'God is amazing'
S.C.A.: 'Why?'
CU: 'Because He made everything'
S.C.A.: 'No he didn't, you're deranged'

Etc. etc. etc.
by LadyRin April 24, 2008
Shit Cunt Apprentice. Most Australian people would associate S.C.A with a mediocre tool brand sold by an automotive retail outlet.
But in the tradesman world it's referred to a kid currently under going an apprenticeship who can not do anything right.
My S.C.A fucked everything up today
by Ninjanine8 February 13, 2014
a quick and discrete way to say suckass.
RANDOM KID: hey, whats up?
YOU: why are you talking to me, you scas person.

MOM: clean your room.
YOU: that's a scas thing to do.
by chrisuniorn November 20, 2009
Acronym for "Stone Cold Assassins", a gang mentioned on Law and Order SVU.
SCA - Stone Cold Assassins
by Nightfoxx65 July 13, 2008
an abbreviation for the word scandal, often used in the phrase "sca and dra" meaning scandal and drama.
Did you hear the latest sca.
by M Breen October 04, 2006
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