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Something that happens; a series of events. Something that is currently happening, what a person is up to, the news.
Hay man, I heard you and your bird were breaking up, what's the scandal?
by rootdown November 07, 2004
a third party in a relationship.
Yep... that ho is his scandal.
by _girl August 18, 2003
The propaganda term used by the mainstream media and so-called government 'leaders' in lieu of the word 'CRIME' when describing obvious crimes perpetrated by the 1%.
Benghazi scandal. Libor fraud scandal. IRS Scandal. Fast and Furious scandal. Mortgage fraud scandal....etc.
by BrainCell August 19, 2013
a sex video, usually starred by a famous celebrity
paris hilton's sex scandal
by moximoron November 25, 2007
someone with whom Someone cheats on his.her signifigant other with.
Yep... that ho is his scandal.
by _girl August 18, 2003
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