Absolute badass motherfuckers. A single 4-man group could probably defend themselves against half of Al-Qaeda. The best exponents of the FN Minimi light machinegun.

The Elitest of the Elite. Equalled but not bettered (in most respects) by The US Navy SEALS, the Russian Spetznaz and Delta Force.
OH MY FUCKING GOD, 1 man from the SAS has a machete and he's gonna gut all of my 99 AK47-armed Talibans. RUN!!!!
by dave February 16, 2004
The most elite special forces of the United Kingdom and ex-British colonies.

Australian SAS

British SAS

Kiwi SAS
The British SAS is often considered to be the only non-American special forces unit to be on the same level as the US Navy SEALS and US Army Delta Force.
by Drewsky November 09, 2006
UK rap duo signed to Diplomat records
SAS: Mega & Mayhem made it man dey got signed to da diplomats
by UKilla April 04, 2005
What does sas mean? sas means sas.
How do you spell sas? sas is spelt sas.
Can you use sas in a sentence. sas
by alright bet October 26, 2010
A particular member on a skateboard messageboard, formally known as Smooth as Sandpaper. His crazy antics make for a great time. You will constantly see him arguing with his arch nemesis MS(MullenSucks)
Stupid noob...stop trying to act like SaS.
by Chris Martin March 09, 2005
School For Advanced Studies, Miami, FL, USA

My high school, and quite possibly the best public school program ever.

Home of the r0x0rs.

-- SAS Alma Mater --

Here at SAS we spend our days,
Talkin' shit, enjoyin' hochays
If for some reason you are not here,
Join us now and grab a beer.
Get free credits, skip all class,
Copy homework, and toke grass!
SAS rocks the fucking planet.

Aardvark #1: Damn, over there at SAS, i just get high most of the days and pass with A's.

Aardvark #2: No joke, that's what we all do.

Narrative Aardvark: I would like to note that they are talking about getting high because they are Aardvarks, NOT because they are students at SAS.
A brand of shoe that is worn by old people.
My grandma was so excited because the price of SAS shoes are much lower in the US than in her home country, South Korea. I'm not kidding, my grandma's obssessed with SAS shoes.
by wcgold January 07, 2005
diminutive for:
Secret Agent Squirrel

A Special Ops. working undercover for the crime syndicate going by the name of EZ Maquers.
"Extreme caution is advised, when you encounter SAS"
by ~Smoqe~ December 11, 2002
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