The British answer to the American navy seals
70% of SAS servicemen/woman are Scottish
by freedom February 11, 2005
Special Air Service.

The name for England's most powerful, elite special forces squad, specializing especially in counterterrorism. History dates back to WWII, thus making this unit also specialize in battlefield tactics.
What makes the SAS so superior in countless aspects is that their men have experience. The training is, naturally, extremely rigorous and demanding, and to top it all off they put you through a jungle course that lasts for 7 weeks. If you make it through the SAS's hellish training, you EARN a beret (as opposed to the US Army Green Beret being given them).

The SAS is perhaps the second most powerful commando unit in the world, just slightly below the US Navy SEAL unit. But as mentioned before, the fact that the SAS are experienced could make their superior American counterpart look a little iffy in certain areas.
"There's also the german GSG-9 (Grenschutz Gruppe) & KSK (Kommando Speziel Kraft), the french GIGN (I forget what it means, which is no surprise because I bearly remember french-writing), the italian COMSUBIN (Italian Navy SEAL's), south-korean RKMC (Republic of Korea Marine Corps, aka : Invincible Marines), israeli Sayeret, japanese SAT (Special Assault Team), among COUNTLESS other special units......but the SEAL's and SAS are practically thee cream of the crop."

"Who dares, wins!"
-SAS Motto

PS : Actually, the german GSG-9 and japanese SAT are more homebound-operated....I think the SAT is homebound, I dunno, maybe further....but Germany uses the KSK for international capabilities. Just FYI.
by Dave February 16, 2004
Britians special forces unit, although slightly below the navy seals, i wouldnt want to fuck with the sas.
bad ass mofos is what they are. they can kill youin many different ways
by loca July 08, 2004
SAS (single as shit) is a term a single person can use to describe his or her relationship status. This is an individual who is not dating or talking to anyone and often gets forgotten or friend-zoned in the dating scene. Despite dating's ups and downs this person remains resilient and hopeful. He or she seeks lessons to be learned when relationships do not work out instead of blaming themselves. They are one SASsy bitch!
-Hey, are you seeing anyone right now?
-Nope, I'm super SAS.
by themoonies September 14, 2014

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