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a teacher who uses the word verbatim and is way to serious.
"woah man, don't be such a salter, you're killing the mood."
by Chelsey Kay April 10, 2008
anal assassin e.g: someone who inserts there index/forefingers into the excretion zone
josh: did you here what nick did on the weekend

edd: yeah he's such a salter
by kl kid June 22, 2007
Salter, a word referring to a jackass with nice qualities.
I like Bob, he's friendly. But he's a bit of a salter.
by yb1144 July 29, 2006
An incredibly racist, hate-filled person who has the tendency to shout random obscenities/things at video games e.g. FIFA. Obscenities include 'Aids', 'you jebend' and 'you sweaty arab'. Having a strange hatred fo any good football players e.g Messi, Ibrahimovic
Lewis: Would you like to see my white cotton panties?
Kane: Oh god, he's doing a Salters
Lewis: Shut up Kane you dirty jebend, bet EA lick your arsehole like they do Messi.
by gibbotelli July 21, 2014
A term used (diss) after insulting someone where the person then feels like an idiot. Usually said by a peanut gallery.
Guy1:Why the hell are you going out with Veronica? She's a fucking slut

Guy2:It's better than having no girl, are you sure you're not gay?

by ¿ManWithWords? April 27, 2009
Anal Alision
Bath Basher
Bed Basher
Anal Assasin
...its nuffing long.
Bath Bashing
Bed Bashing
Anal Assasing people.
by Blaise-ing Squad December 07, 2007