When someone sneaks a feel, hence "sneak a feel"

self explanatory.
Joe - "Dude, I totally just saffed that girl!"

Thomas - "So jealous, Joe, I wish someone would saf me!"
by rawrcalimari August 13, 2010
sick as fuck
man that 540 was S.A.F.
by hasbeen February 28, 2010

Commonly used in most video games (specifically shooters)
Where the person who yells it is raging. But it's typed in acronym form.
*Normal conversation*

Yeah so I'm heading over to Nick Ansaldo's house after I fini... OMG HE KEEPS KILLING ME IN THE SAME SPOT HE'S SUCH A FAGGOT!

*Typed conversation*

Change your gun pussy and stop being SAF
by LAMINATEDD November 13, 2010
an abriviation for "such a fag" can also be used as saffy. self explanitory.
man, your saf. leave this room
by jeremy charles smith April 11, 2010
Shit As Fuck. A way of expressing severe distaste towards something.
"Man, that was totally SAF"
by Swack January 25, 2010
Sexy As Fck...

like damn lil daddy over there is so fcken saf..lmao
by d-millie October 23, 2008
Abbreviation for the term "sick as fuck".
Dude, did you see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie? Shit's SAF.
by Balt Rhumerson June 10, 2009

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