Function: Expression, collection of nouns and verbs.
Etymology: English
Date: 2000
Date of urban adoption: circa early 21st century

Acronym (S.A.F.)used for the following three word expression:
(Must be used in full expression and not shortened version.)
ex: Say <<ShitAssFuck!!!>>
and not <<S.A.F.!!>>
N.B. Must be pronounced as one word.

Expression used when overwhelmed with emotion and not sure which swear word to use in order to define ongoing emotional state.
Must be used with one of these following voice intonations: <<pimpy>>, angry, discouraged and triumphant.
1. <<Baby, S.A.F. (Shitassfuck) that was good.>>
2. << Sir, you failed the alcohol blow test...>>
by T Gags June 07, 2006
serve and fuck off. Commonly used in Compulsory military training.
A: National service is such a waste of time.
B: That's right, so just SAF(serve and fuck off).
by wilson beard more July 10, 2008
Short for Safrican. A legendary Battlefield 2 player. Fearless leader of the =365= INSOMNIA clan. The #2 defibrillator killer in the game. Known worldwide for being hung like a toddler. Tiny in both length and girth. Known for liking to take it up the ass both in game and in real life. Enjoys being Tea-bagged after an untimely death. Claims to have a most beautiful wife, but it is commonly believed to be a blow up doll.
1. I wish SAF was my lover.
2. I've been SAF'd!
3. That fucking piece of shit SAF porked me in the ass and then Tea-Bagged me...
by Saf's Lover September 11, 2011
sexy as fuck
i am saf. you, however, are not.
by jenna and ben January 08, 2009
Abbreviation for "Sick as fuck."
"That burrito was s.a.f."
by Fellas March 31, 2005
Sketch as fuck.
dude that bitch is SAF
by toxicalex April 23, 2009
Super Apprentice Foreman

A SAF could be

1.A 4th Year Apprentice Electrician that says he's a journeyman, well pretty much.

2. An electrician who supervises an HVAC Controls job.

3. An electrician who thinks everyone else is retarded.
by woebearer13 March 15, 2009

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