stupid ass fuck
When the person you are talking about is beyond stupid.

That damn Jim is one SAF!
by Felicia Laster July 03, 2007
short and fat penis
oh yea that jake kid is such a saf!
by lukem3796 July 10, 2008
Shame about the face. A chick with a good body but a terrible face.
Oh she's a SAF!

You know I would totally do her!
But she's a SAF, dude.
True true, but SAF's can be great practise.
Very true, very true.

I'd bag that SAF up and take her to the horses.
by AnotherdudecalledMike August 06, 2007
Safe as fuck, comes from the film human traffic.
your tunes are SAF bruv
that rave was SAF
by mullie man January 26, 2007
Short way of sayin' 'Such a Faggot', often used in online gaming or chattin'.
OMG!! TH@ guy is SAF!
by Deathrow_Records February 24, 2005
a sick ass freak, someone who does something wrong, gross, or dirty.
person 1 "I like men"
person 2 "Wow you are a Saf"
by Ryan and Sean July 13, 2005
short version of 'such a faggot'
OMG!! Dat guy is SAF
by Deathrow_Records February 24, 2005

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