Swerve af
Teja is so saf
by baylife March 27, 2013
Sorry As Fuck. Pathetic, worthless, laughable.
You've been here for 3 months and haven't even TRIED to get a job? Rent is due. That's S. A. F.
by mmmew March 05, 2010
straight across face
a blank expression
like on the msn emoticon


"I had a saf"
"He knocked my drink over and i was like SAF"
"This meal equates to saf."
by gembomb May 24, 2009
SAF is short for Self Affirmative Fan

For whatever reason, this person feels that they are lesser, or below other fans (most often for the reason that they'd recently starting listening to the artist and or band.) So in an attempt to prove themselves as "real fans" they spend a majority of their time talking about the band/artist, making references to them, reading about them, etc...

Although SAFs have good intentions of only wanting to be considered "one of the group", their actions are often misinterpreted as a way to "show up" other fans and make them look unintelligent and uninformed about the subject band/artist.
Betty (SAF)- Did you know that insert band name here is going to be on TV tonight?

Charlie- Yeah...

Betty- Oh. Well did you know they're going to be singing insert song name here? I read about it on their website last night, along with a few articles about them.

Charlie- You know, you don't have to be such a SAF.
by That very last leaf today January 20, 2011
Abbreviation for Sketchy As Fuck
Don't do it, it's saf.

I don't trust that guy, he's saf.
by Chr!s13 January 05, 2011
1. sick as fuck

2. sick ass foo
1. Paul and Sebastian are SAF!

2. Eddie is a SAF
by downassfoo October 10, 2010
(ABRV) (Internet Slang) SAF - Safe As Fuck
A phrase used mainly by the chav culture in the UK, Meaning Excellent, Great, Yes, I agree, Sorted etc...
Guy 1 - Sup blud?, We gonna check da rave 2nite pull nuff peng bitches innit!, Is u up 4 it blud?

Guy 2- Ya blud, Safe as fuck!
by SafeAzFuck September 27, 2010

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