A demoness from Hell whose sole purpose is to drain the souls of men by having sex with them.
A very attractive female demon who craves sex and must have lots of it because she uses the cum to provide energy for her life-force.

Not to be confused with a Succubus, although they are very similar.
Ryoko says:

^ But we know she's lying.
by RandyL March 13, 2003
Top Definition
The best character in Tenchi Muyo. A demon and a Space Pirate created by the most best scientist in the universe Washu.
She knows how to have a good time, a lot of people say I act like her.
by Terra Keaotay June 28, 2005
A hot and sexy demon that is crazy about a certain boy that she lives with and loves him dearly and would do anything for him and give her life for him and is crazy for sex.
Yo Ryoko calm down baby we just scored 5 minutes ago.
by Patrick Dron May 11, 2003
Kawaii personified
Ryoko sure is kawaii!
by ^_^ March 17, 2004
a person who acts higher than others(chat term)
Man that girl sure is being a ryoko.
by Anonymous December 27, 2002
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