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A pet name derived from the proper name Ryan. Usually reserved for use by Mothers, Girlfriends, and Guys who use a false high pitch voice and pretend to be either a) A Ryan's Mom b) A Ryan's girlfriend c) A woman with a high pitched annoying voice who is tormenting A Ryan to do something that is testing his manhood
Most Ryan's would prefer that the term RyRy was never used, those Ryan's that disagree usually have emotional disorders, or worse, acne
Girlfriend: I have a great idea! Lets paint my toenails!
Ryan: NO!
Girlfriend: Pleeeeeeaaaasssseeeee?
Ryan: NO!
Girlfriend: Pleaaasssseeeee RyRy?
RyRy: OK.....(balls now gone)
by vanstone22 October 17, 2007
1.) a common nickname for Ryan

2.) the ryan referred usually likes to "nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom"
and muffinrape
OMG! It's Ry Ry! he's totally gonna muffin rape you dude! protect your muffins!
by R0f1 |34/\/5|-|33 December 15, 2008
Fanon name for Ryou, as in Ryou Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh. Applied to Ryou (hikari) as opposed to Kura , applied to his yami.
Fangirl 1: Awww omg Ry-Ry is sooooo cute!

Fangirl 2: Yeah, but Kura is super smexy-hawt! <3
by PieFlavouredPie August 02, 2011
a person who likes to give finnanigan's strawberry shortcakes and then give them abe lincolns.
also enjoys getting chilli dogs.
i gave ry ry a chilli dog last night.
by one by see two by night November 16, 2008
Nickname for seacrest? That metro fucker jacked by nickname.
seacrest is a feminine bastard.
by evil monkey November 18, 2004
a lion-like, french fry eating creature who walks erect while seeming engrossed in his own universe. always born on Nov. 1st. Often resides on N2. Is easily confused with Aladdin.
Ry ry that was rude, you spilled the salt!
by The Fam October 29, 2003
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