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- Verb
To rut (Or rutt) is to make compassionate love to somebody, or to define good looking women
1) I'd rut that so hard

2) There's going to be so much rut out tonight!

3) Dude, me and your girlfriend rutted last night
by Mister_B December 08, 2008
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a vagina that was so heavily ravaged that it is now described as looking like a rutted out mud hole that some 44 inch tires have tore up.
john gentry has some deep rutts!
by yourmomma5 April 14, 2010
a person who can't be trusted.
i'm telling you chick, that rutt can't be trusted!!
by babygirl2007 November 21, 2010
One of the many European words for pussy.
A man, her skirt flew up and I saw her hairy rutt!!
by MSW2 August 10, 2006
Rutt is now commonly used around the UK. Rutt means to 'roll under the table.' It can be used in conjunction with Rofl and Lol and should be used in that context.
Person A: Lol, i just saw my old girlfriend sleeping with my dad

Person B: RUTT
by Edward Hyatt June 30, 2006
Any filtered cigarette
"Excuse me sir, can I bum a rutt?"
by Jeff Gorman April 24, 2006

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