Hotly debated sexual practice. Many definitions can be found but the overwhelming consensus defines the activity as overactive masturbation that results in a raw, red dick.
That girl was so hot she made me go home and give myself a Rusty Venture.
by James( MonkeyMan) November 23, 2010
An ambiguous sexual act that no one can agree upon. Originates from the child star Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture.

Those at the Urban Dictionary hypothesize that it has something to do with tubs and turkey basters.
The Alchemist: "Uh, Rust, you do realize that a 'Rusty Venture' is when you take your finger and run it around a guy's *** while you *** the guy off into his own ***."

Rusty: "What? My name is a sex act? When did that happen?"

Shore Leave: "Uh, like, in the '80s, and Al is way off. A Rusty Venture is when you 69 and you fill each other's *** with *** and then you turn over and blow *** into each other's ***"
by Young Sheezy November 22, 2010
When you jerk-off so much that your dick gets all red and sore.

A Rusty Venture is a commonly overused and misinterpreted term for various sex acts, both heterosexual and homosexual. It is commonly confused with bizarre and often dangerous scat play.

-Sourced from the television series The Venture Brothers.
I don't want a Rusty Venture, but i'll let you give me an Action Johnny.
by atomicsushi November 22, 2010

1. When you take your finger and run it around a guy's ass hole while you jack the guy off into his own asshole.

2. When you 69 and you feel eachother's mouths with cum, then you turn over and fill eachother's assholes with the cum.

3. What you do is you take a scuba snorkel and you put your dick in the wee bendy mouth part, then you snake the other end right up your back gadras. Then you just grab the middle of that snorkel and your fucking your own ass and pulling of your crank at the same time and you're spending your own jacksey! Now THAT is a Rusty Venture!**

**A.K.A. A double frog-man

4. When you fist the guy and you open up your hand inside his asshole (he has to be laying down), and whatever you come out with you rub on his dick.

5. A straight move: You take a girl out to dinner and you don't let her go to the can. Then you have anal sex with her and she shits all over your dick and you rub it on her back.**

**Note: This is simply a Rusty. In order for it to be a Rusty Venture you must eat whatever is rubbed on her back without using your hands.

6. When you jerk off so much your dick gets red and sore.

7. No where near as good as an Action Johnny.
I totally had a Rusty Venture last night..
by sexylexic November 22, 2010
Where you take the girl out to a huge dinner and you don't let her go to the can. While having anal sex with her, she takes a dump on your dick, and right before you are about to get off you shoot it on her back. That's the rusty part. The venture part comes in when you eat that junk off her back without your hands.
I took Sally out for a dinner and had the best Rusty Venture that night.
by Atticus620 November 22, 2010
When you masturbate so much that your dick turns red.
-Brock Samson
What is a "Rusty Venture" from Operation P.R.O.M.
by natecurrie November 22, 2010
When you jerk off so much you dick gets all red and sore.
Dean gave himself a rusty venture to the thought of Triana ever night.
by ratnest November 23, 2010

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