your anal opening
my mate is queer he likes to feel a penis up his rusty sherrifs badge
by sheep January 17, 2004
Top Definition
Arsehole, ring, sphincter, anus
Show us your Rusty Sheriff's Badge ya dirty bitch!!
by D November 10, 2003
Encrusted anal entrance
by Ste April 06, 2003
To use it's correct scientific name: 'The A-hole'.
Of course this is due to their startling similarity in appearance.
"See you in fifteen minutes Ed, I'm off to the toilet to release a few 'Chocolate hostages' from the Rusty Sheriff's Badge.
by T-time June 02, 2005
Your bum hole.
One morning Phil "McCrackin" Rollason rose from his bed to find he had a leakage out of his Rusty Sheriffs Badge. Upon investigation he had found out that Kevin Ryan had spent the night at his flat!!!
by Manwell hung November 28, 2003
A starfish, be it chocolate or otherwise.
by Ian Chode April 03, 2003
Brown Eye
Similar to the Jap Eye but with a brown colour!
by Dan March 16, 2004
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