The hottest and sexiest thing around! they will make your day perfection after you meet one of em
Bro 1: Dude did ya see taht girl?
Bro 2: hell ya man she was fine
CHUCK NORRIS: Russian women are god damn sexy
by the slot is awsome April 17, 2012
Women from Russia that think everyone is skinny, even if you're 50 pounds overweight.
Russian Woman: You are too skinny!

Her son: I weigh 300 pounds. and i'm in 4th grade.

Russian Women: Eat these piroshkis i made for you
by california689 December 21, 2011
Lovers of the "gorilla back" either openly or in secret. They love to get a hand full of their partner's back hair while he is on top fucking the shit out her.
Gorilla Back: I love Russian women, because they know where to hold on for the ride.
by bcoats November 24, 2009
Russian women mostly think there the best living thing on earth, they are very conceited. Russian women are famous for being prostitutes in Turkey. Some can be masculine, but feminine at the same time.
Black guy:"What you doing tonight?"
Turkish guy:"Same thing I did last night"
Black guy:"What's that"
Turkish guy:"Go bang some Russian women"
by kordug March 14, 2009

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