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When u fuck a girl doggy style and right before u cum u pull it out and cum on her back, then after u pull out a handful of your pubic hair and stick it on her back
Man I'm still hurting from giving my girl a gorilla back, but it was worth it
by el chicharito 619 September 12, 2010
A man or woman who has a fat hairy back that people want to have sexual intercourse with...
Dude Jeff's dad has the sexist "gorilla back!"
by go·ril·la back February 03, 2014
(n) Elderly Black woman with large uper intestins. // Man with very hairy back.
see Mark.
by John Barker March 31, 2003
That hairy ass guy that you know who feels too much pride to shave or wax and struts his sasquach-like body around friends and family without remorse. When the issue is brought up socially, the "gorilla back" will often reach back and effortlessly pull out a hand full of the psuedo-pubic hair to shock his company. The women that are turned on by this act are known as "Russian women."
Goddamn, put a shirt on your gorilla back bitch!
by bcoats November 24, 2009
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