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A Russian or other women of eastern European ethnicity, who will undoubtedly explode when they reach the pre-designated genetic time frame. The latter usually being ages 40+ but there are reported incidents of this happening as young as 30 or even sooner if they have children. This explosion is what constitutes them as a Russian Time-bomb. The young beautiful Russian women will transform into the gruff logger, possibly sporting a thin beard, chopping firewood outside of the cabin surrounded by a gaggle of spawn.
"I had to return my mail order bride Tawnya as she reached the point of maximum impact and the Russian Time-bomb detonated."
by GandalftheGreen January 10, 2012
An alcoholic beverage consisting of 50% vodka and 50% Red-wine. Russians are usually the only people to drink this drink, as we all know. russians love there vodka
Bar tender: what can i get you sir?
you: can i have a russian Time-Bomb please.
Bar tender: coming right up.
by Sloviak Argonian April 14, 2011