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A green warrior. Earth friendly king. Organic. Planet friendly.
I like Obama. He is a true Runka fighting all these global deniers

My house is Runka. True Green and True Organic!
by King Green March 04, 2010
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a swedish slang word for masturbating. is also used as profanity when used with substantives.
"jag ska bara dra en runk / i'm just gonna masturbate"

"sitter du där och runkar igen / are you sitting there jerking off again"

"tycker du om att runka / do you enjoy masturbating"

"du är ett jävla runk-huvud / you're a fucking jerk-head"

"jävla runkbil som aldrig startar / fucking jerk-car that never starts"
by slacker April 11, 2005
A ranseur (also called a runkah or a rawcon) was a type of polearm used across Europe up to the 15th century. The head of a ranseur was composed of a spear-tip affixed with a cross hilt at its base. Often this hilt was crescent-shaped, giving it an appearance similar to that of a trident. Generally, the hilts did not have a cutting edge, unlike the double-edged partisan. Thus Ransuers resemble a sai mounted on a staff. Ranseurs are generally 6 feet or longer.
The runka was an effective means of disarming an opponent from a distance.
by wikipedia_runka October 26, 2010

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