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Wild and Out of control pubic hair. Must be trimmed using a 'runge kutta.'

In certain parts of the world, a well groomed and styled runge is considered a sign of exceptional good health and high social status.

A whole range of products are available on the Market ranging from V8 powered, diamond edged runge kuttas down to affordable single use disposables. When cutting your runge, you should be sure to wear adequate eye protection to avoid injury from rungs debris.

It it well known the the sound made by high end runge kuttas is a combination of an angle grinder, a MIG welder, the noise a bus makes when it stops and an anti-lag system set to a background tune of killing in the name of by rage against the machine.

Runge Removal Rub is available from the top brand Head & Shaft, to maintain a runge free pubic region after the majority of your rungse has removed using a runge-kutta.
Adam: Hey bbz, I would go down on you but your runge is outta control!
Janet: I'm sorry, my runge kutta broke last week!!

Katy:Urrr what's that coming out of your jeans?
Robbie: Oh shit, I forgot to trim my runge and it's spilling out of my fly!

Barbara: my runge is spiralling out of control, what should I do?
Kenneth: here, borrow my runge kutta! Quick!
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by RungeKutta November 02, 2010
A faggot. A human's last name. Who ever has this last name like's it up the ass. Want's it up the ass. And will never go anywhere in life. Fail THEY ARE A FAILURE
Kid 1: Man, I want to play football!!
Kid 2: Dude, your a runge, you can't do shit!
Kid 3: O :(
#gay #faggot #runge #devin #football
by Littlemanwhitey December 16, 2008
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