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The official drink of the IGN Knockin' Boots podcast that is simply Captain Morgan's spiced Rum and Orange Crush soda.
The Rumjob was inspired by a letter we received last week where a this 23 year old girl was dating a 67 year old therapist, and just loved giving him rimjobs.
by Ihavenoidea189 June 25, 2011
The official mixed drink of IGN's The Knockin' Boots podcast; made with orange crush or orange sunkist soft drink & Captain Morgan's rum
Daemon: Hey Greg, please make me a drink.

Greg: You want a Rum Job?

Daemon: I want a Rum Job
by BraapBraap! November 28, 2011
A mixed alcoholic drink created by Brian Altano and the cast of the Knocking Boots podcast (Episode 13 if you're interested). He created the drink after running out of traditional mixers. The name comes from a 22 year old female listener by the name of Chelsea who wrote into the podcast concerning the rim jobs she was receiving from her 67 year old friend. The next episode it was decided by Greg Miller, to call the drink The Rum Job.

1 parts Captain Morgan spiced rum
3 parts Orange Crush or any other orange soda

To turn it into a dirty rum job, line the cup with chocolate syrup.
The Knockin Boots cast usually have rumjobs when answering questions during their podcast.
by Johnny Two-tone September 23, 2011
A type of blowjob that starts out by pouring a shot of rum into your mouth, sucking on a penis till ejaculation, and then interting the rum and semen mixture through the urethra by blowing it inside the penis.
Dude, I couldn't believe how crazy last night was. I still feel the RumJob Ashley gave me.
by Swallow My Rum August 15, 2012
The act of licking the anus to sexually stimulate a gay male or dirty bitch.
Holy shit rummie gives the best rum jobs north of the Mexican border.

Man I could really go for a triple special rum job right now, I just took a huge douglas.
by Deez Nutz May 05, 2004
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