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All general statements are false.
Person 1: Everyone who uses Windows is teh ghey.

Person 2: Dude, Rule 6, you're wrong.

your mom: Isn't Rule 6 a general statement, thus rendering itself false?

Person 1: Shut up.
by Edzo August 29, 2008
Generally accepted internet rule that states that Anonymous can be a horrible, uncaring monster, so prepare yourself for the concequences of posting a new topic.
Rule 6 in action:
/b/ poster: Hey /b/, I just finished making this hat for a friend! What do you think?
Anonymous: I think you don't have any friends. Enjoy your hat.
by danthaman15 June 12, 2009
There is no such thing as too young.
An example of rule 6 is if your 20 and your partner is 45.
by Misc Hobo October 03, 2008
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