The rule states any member of the group can challenge the leader and take his spot.
I evoke rule 8! Now I'm gonna kick you're butt!
by deano 177 February 20, 2009
Top Definition
For females;
Used while persons are camming and one gets a phone call. That person has to show their boobs.
(During a Web Conversation)
Belinda Types;"1 sec, I got a call"...."Hello"
Vern Types;"Rule 8"

Belinda now has to show her boobs.
by Misse June 03, 2007
If you draw the last pint of beer from the keg then you are responsible for getting said keg refilled.
You know the rules. Rule 8 is: you kill the keg, you fill the keg.
by qpeojpernfgnrgrg July 09, 2009
If it exists tangibly, it can be snorted.
He totally just rule 8'ed a line of cayenne pepper!
by echeng June 14, 2008
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