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An addendum of the internet rules stating that if there is no porn of it, it will be made.
Jessie searched the internet for hours looking for a pornographic video of a priest inserting a carrot up a man's urethra before he finally invoked rule 35.
by profe September 25, 2007
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An addendum to Internet Rule #34, which states "If there is not porn of it, porn will be made of it."
('net surfer 1): Man, I can't find Rule 34 porn of that obscure anime character anywhere.
('net surfer 2): Well, I can draw. Let's invoke Rule 35.
by Marshall_B May 16, 2008
Rule 35 states, if porn of it (whatever "it" is) cannot be found, then porn of it will be made.

See also: Rule 34
Damnation and ruination, I'll rule 35 it myself if I have to, but I'm working on commissions, so SOMEBODY TAKE THE BAIT!
by Emtu January 25, 2007
"If porn of it doesn't exist, porn will be made of it."

A rule usually said in conjunction with Rule 34. Mostly seen in oekakis and other similar sites.
1: I didn't find Rule 34 for Thomas the Tank Engine.

2: rule 35, fag. i drew my own.

by Blaze1289 July 30, 2009
Similar to rule 34 in a way, but used more like an adjective towards people spamming image boards for a rule 34. In context, it's similar to calling somebody a "dumb fucking noob," or, can be used to tell somebody to get off of the board.
Post 1: I've looked all around for a rule34 of the urban dictionary owners, but can't find one anywhere.

Post 2: STFU and GTFO my imageboard

Post 3: Rule35 you dumb fucking noob >.>
by Migashi July 30, 2008
(follows rule 34)

Rule 35 of the internet: Don't click the link
dragonsf*** Rule 35.
by Scriblerus January 24, 2010
An addenum to the internet meme Rule 34 (if it exists, there is porn of it, no exceptions) that states "The only exception to rule 34 is the citation of Rule 34."

Ie, there is no porn of someone stating that there is porn of everything.
"Is there anything that hasn't been rule 34'd?"
"Rule 34."
"See Rule 35."
by Akiko86 December 05, 2006

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