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An extremely poetic and beautiful Japanese guy that is the vocals for the visual kei band The GazettE.
JRocker1: Hey whatcha listening to?

JRocker2: The GazettE :D

JRocker1: OMG! I love that band! Ruki is so awesome! I love his poetic lyrics! ♥¬♥

JRocker2: Me too! :D

JRockers1&2: -Spazz-
by Aoi-San September 07, 2008
The vocalist for the Japanese visual kei group the GazettE.
Fangirl1: Ai shiteru, Ruki!

Fangirl2: Aww, he's so kawaii! ^_^
by KrebsAufDerSchnurrbart September 03, 2008
Ruki is a cluelessly cute, walking fail-bot. exactly the kind of person to change their name and credit card number to avoid you, then forget their new name and credit card number.
You: hello?
Ruki: Do you remember the name i was using to avoid you...?
You: ahaaahahaha
A term of endearment for those who are slant-eyed. Often exclaimed in a lovingly way.
Hey Ruki, I rove you. You make my rife comprete.
by djxpress187 November 20, 2009

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