when your gettin a person doggy style, and you pull theirs arms out from under them and watch them hit the rug or floor
she wasn't moanin much so i rugged her
by Jay March 07, 2004
An unwanted hug from a member of the opposite sex. A form of softcore rape. When a creeper who likes you hugs you
Did you see Brandon rugging Cara, she was like "Why the fuck are you touching me".

I got rugged by Brandon, I feel so violated.
by robertoreject September 13, 2011
the act of mating, nothing more nothing less,vagina+penis+vigouros movement=rugging
phoebe is in for some good rugging tonight
by cleadiamoncuff May 17, 2009
When a guy rubs his penis over the girls pubis area and imitates intercourse.
"I couldn't be arsed putting it in so i gave her a good rugging"
by Matt Wetherill November 03, 2008
Impersonating a person whilst on a rug, pretending it is a magic carpet.
"you see that guy, im going to be rugging him later"
by DogBoner November 11, 2007
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